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    Bästa taxipriser Till Flyget


Taxiservice from Copenhagen Airport  to Sweden.

Taxi200 offers the most competitive flat rates from Copenhagen Airport to Sweden. 

Pre-book your taxi by calling us, or filling the form down in this page, and your taxi will be there as requested. 

 A few examples for oure rates:

All prices are including bridge, and other fees.

Copenhagen Airport-Lund                                           1045 SEK

Copenhagen Airport-Eslöv                                          1295 SEK

Copenhagen Airport-Guthenburg                              4695 SEK

Copenhagen Airport-Helsingborg                              1795 SEK

Copenhagen Airport-Landskrona                               1685 SEK

Copenhagen Airport-Malmoe                                        865 SEK

Copenhagen Airport-Trelleborg                                    1195 SEK

Copenhagen Airport-Ystad                                          1795 SEK

Copenhagen Airport-Ängelholm                                 2535 SEK


We also provide comfortable child/infant seats at a nominal charge.

Payment with Visa and Mastercard, card peyment do NOT attract aditional charges. 

You can also use this form for booking.